Assistance and Incentives

The Floydada Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is here to provide assistance to your business venture. There are a number of ways in which we can assist your project. To make a formal request for assistance or incentives, please download the application form.

The Floydada EDC can help you in the following ways:

  • Job Creation Incentives - Cash incentives are available for those ventures that create or retain primary jobs. A primary job is defined as a job for which a majority of the products or services of that company are ultimately exported to regional, statewide, national or international markets infusing new dollars into the local economy.
  • Capital Improvements - The EDC may provide assistance in purchasing land, buildings, equipment, facilities, expenditures, targeted infrastructure, and general improvements found by the Board of Directors to promote new or expanded business development.
  • Infrastructure Incentives - Infrastructure assistance is available for those ventures that need access to streets and roads, rail spurs, water and sewer utilities, electric utilities, gas utilities, drainage improvements, site improvements, telecommunications and internet improvements.
  • Operational Assistance - Operational assistance is available for those ventures that are having difficulty or not able to operate within the City of Floydada and its trade area.
  • Real Estate Assistance - Real estate assistance is available by means of helping you locate potential sites, working with property owner(s) and local governing bodies as needed.
  • Employment Training Assistance - Employment training that requires a skilled or specially trained workforce can be provided in the form of matching or block grant funding through the Skills Development Fund and/or Self-Sufficiency Fund.
  • Grant Funding Assistance - For those ventures that are pursuing projects that can be funded by grants may request assistance the completion of the grant documentation and submission.