Target Industries

The City of Floydada is open to many types of new business development and the Economic Development Corporation is here to assist your placement. The target industries listed here merely reflect those the organization has dedicated resources to attracting to our area; even if your company’s focus is not listed below, please contact us as we will still gladly work with you.


A strong work ethic, low labor costs, and no union activity create a competitive edge for the continued growth of the Manufacturing Industry in West Texas. The State of Texas provides numerous incentives to companies ranging from, but not limited to, ground up or relocation to workforce training. Floydada is home to several manufacturing companies that ship nationally and globally.

Related Agriculture

Located in the heart of cotton country, Floyd County’s main economy staple is agriculture. And while we love our cotton, ventures such as livestock production, corn, wheat, and milo are thriving enterprises. Any related agricultural industry that will work in conjunction of the goal to promote the consumption of Texas agriculture products is welcomed.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Our hometown Texas values, low operating costs, and determination shines through in many of our locally owned and operated businesses proving the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and thriving in Floyd County. The EDC has a strong relationship with the South Plains Area Government (SPAG) and Small Business Association (SBA) and is more than willing to facilitate meetings with either of these entities for business incentives and funding. The EDC also keeps listings of commercial properties for sale simplifying the search for your next new or relocated business venture.

Renewable Energy Development & Business

Floyd County is located in the epicenter of the 345kV CREZ and XCEL energy transmission lines. These two major energy transmission lines support Wind, Solar, and Natural Gas renewable energies. In 2006, the first wind farm consisting of 26 turbines in Floyd County was established. An expansion project, set to be completed in 2015, will add 200 more turbines. Additionally, educational and training programs are being promoted to support operations and maintenance offices along with their personnel.